Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone

Men, if you are feeling tired, gained weight or your love life isn’t what it use to be, you may have low testosterone.

Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater is conducting a low testosterone research study in men between the ages of 45 and 80 years of age who have the following:

Have a history of one of the following cardiovascular diseases:

Heart attack


Coronary artery disease

Artery disease of the leg(s)

Surgery to correct any of the above

Or have at least three of the following cardiovascular risk factors:

High blood pressure

High cholesterol

Currently smoking

Decreased kidney function


Or be 65 years of age or older

Financial compensation is provided for time and travel for those who qualify.

No insurance necessary to participate.

For more information call 757 627 6798 or visit us on the web at www.crat.org


Think you might qualify? Got questions about the study? Great! Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form or give us a call (757-627-6798) for more information on this research study. Don’t forget to use our 24-hour hotline voicemail system at 757-627-6798!