Migraine Research Study

Migraine Research Study


Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms. Triggers include hormonal changes, certain foods and drinks, stress, and exercise. Migraine headaches can cause throbbing in one particular area that can vary in intensity. Nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are also common symptoms.


The Study

  • The Doctors at Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater are conducting a clinical research trial for Migraine pain relief medication. If you are between 18 – 75 years of age, you may be eligible to participate.


Qualified Participants:

  •  18 – 75 years of age
  • Having 2 to 8 migraine headache attacks a month               
  • Willing to commit to study requirements and conditions for 1 year


If Qualified and you participate you will receive:

  • Eligible participants in the study will receive reimbursement for time and travel up to $300.00
  • Investigational Medication at no cost.
  • Doctor and Study team exams at no cost 


Take the next step, call us at (757) 627-6798 and ask for the Asthma enrollment team, better yet, fill out the brief form below, and we will call you!

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