Origmm Acne Study

Origmm Acne Study

The Doctors and Staff at Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater are proud to announce we are the only clinical research site in the world to be awarded the Origmm Acne Study for the treatment of Acne. The purpose of the study is immunotherapy against the bacterium and
common acne via a vaccine!

Qualified participants are;

  1. 18 – 40 years of age
  2. Participants can either have Acne, which covers at least 30% of the facial area, or are completely Acne free..
  3. Cannot be on a form of hormonal birth control.
  4. Patients who received anti-acne antibiotic therapy less than 2
    months ago will be excluded.
  5. Patients who received isotretinoin therapy within the last 6 months
    will be excluded

Qualified participants will recieve a single visit study at $100 immediately after

Take the next step, call us at (757) 627-6798, and ask for Study Recruitment, better yet, fill out the brief form below and we will contact you, to see if you qualify for a promising Clinical Research Study at Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater !