Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety profiles of TOMAR’s formulation of calcipotriene hydrate and betamethasone dipropionate topical suspension 0.005%/0.064% (TEST) and RLD. Has psoriasis covered at least 10% of your head for the at least 6 months?


    Do you meet the following Criteria? Compensation for Time and Travel May be provided


A clinical diagnosis of stable (at least 6 months) scalp psoriasis involving at least 10% of the scalp and clinical signs of psoriasis vulgaris on trunk and or limbs.

□ Scalp psoriasis consistent with at least moderate severity at the scalp target lesion site.

□ Agree to stop use of all other topical or systemic antipsoriatic treatments, corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs, calcium supplements and Vitamin D supplements or Vitamin D analogs at a dose >400 IU/day during the study.

□ Agree to avoid tanning booths, sun lamps and excessive non-prescription UV light exposure (including natural sunlight) during the study.

□ Currently in general good health and free from any clinically significant disease, other than scalp psoriasis and psoriasis vulgaris, that may interfere with the study evaluations.

□ Willing and able to understand and comply with the requirements of the study, apply IP as instructed, attend required study visits, comply with study prohibitions, and be able to complete the study.

This study will last for approximately 4 weeks with a total of 3 office visits. At the screening visit, you will be provided with an informed consent document that will explain all aspects of the study as well as possible side effects, possible risks, study procedures, alternative treatments, etc. This form will be explained to you and you will be able to ask questions. No procedures will be completed prior to the signing of this consent document.

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