Smoking Cessation (Stop Smoking)

Smoking Cessation (Stop Smoking)


Do you have a powerful desire to quit smoking?


Do you smoke an average greater than or equal to 10 cigarettes per day for the past 6 months?

Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater is conducting a compensated research study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Chrono Quit Smoking Solution System with Digital Coach for smoking cessation in adults.


Up to $610.00 is available to compensate for Time and Travel expenses.


This study utilizes a coaching system which is accessed via an electronic diary that the site provides. There will be daily questions using this diary and rating of the strength of cravings and other data.


Medication patches that deliver nicotine transdermal (through the skin) typically provide a steady dose of nicotine throughout the day, regardless of when withdrawal symptoms are experienced. The investigational transdermal nicotine delivery platform is different: providing varying amounts of nicotine timed to when withdrawal symptoms are at their strongest.


Smoking is highly addictive and remains one the world’s great killers: 6 million per year now and up to 1 billion by the turn of the century. There are 42 million smokers in the U.S. 70% want to quit. Are you ready to quit smoking?

Source: Chrono Therapeutics smoking cessation study is currently in Phase II of the clinical research process.



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