Upcoming Studies

Upcoming Studies

Upcoming Studies

This is the place to find out about our upcoming studies and get a head start on preparation and enrollment. We’re constantly updating this page with studies that we’re preparing for you to take part in, so be sure to check it regularly. As always, if you would like to be notified when a particular study becomes open for enrollment, please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form and designate which study or studies you’d like to take part in. Don’t forget to look through our currently enrolling studies while you’re here!


Shingles Vaccine: CRAT is studying the quality of life after an injection. If your are fifty years of age and older, you are more prone to contracting shingles. Those who have had chicken pocks in there youth are a prime target for our Shingles vaccination. Over the course of fourteen months, you will acquire two vaccinations. 


Scalp psoriasis– More information is on the way! Call to be listed for scalp psoriasis! 


Electronic cigarette– More information coming your way! 


Smoking Cessation: Do you consume, on average, greater than or equal to ten cigarettes per day for the past six months? The study does not allow smoking of any kind! Call to see if you qualify for a smoking solution! Call to be added to CRAT’s enrollment listing.


Vaginal Atrophy:  CRAT is studying the safety and therapeutic equivalence of a generic estrogen vaginal cream and Premarin vaginal cream in healthy postmenopausal women with symptoms of vulvar and vaginal atrophy. 


Osteoarthritis of the knee: Do you have Osteoarthritis of the knee? If so Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater is participating in an osteoarthritis of the knee pain research study. More information is on the way! 


Atopic Dermatitis: Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater will be conducting an investigational study for people 13 and older, to treat the itching associated with Atopic Dermatitis. Do forget to call our 24 hour hotline at 757-627-6798 to enter our listing! 

Think you might qualify? Got questions about the study? Great! Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form or give us a call (757-627-6798) for more information on this research study.